Basic commands in editor

Some basic commands I gathered from the several tutorials

Settings Editor,  to get to the console

Basics editor

  • Navigate in editor by using left mouse (horizontal), right mouse (rotation) and both (vertical) .  Mouse-wheel (distance horizontal).  With this method, use high camera speed
  • Alt and mouse  for staying looking at object.
  • Ctrl + right mouse : move object y-axis (green)
  • Ctrl + left mouse : move object x -axis (red)
  • Ctrl + both mouse : move object z axis (blue)
  • Ctrl + Shift ……  Camera will follow the object
  • Space bar : rotation mode, scale mode….
  • copying:  Ctrl C / V, Ctrl + W,  Alt
  • Select blue axis and end, object falls on the ground
  • Edit mode: Ctrl to select a point. Alt to extrude face
  • Alt to duplicate
  • H to hide objects, Ctrl H to make all hidden object visible again
  • G shows how the scene looks in game mode
  • F zoom to selected object
  • F11 full screen
  • F2 Rename object


  • First select material then load geometry
  • With BSP textures, select all faces and choose align in the proprieties box.
  • Mesh, duplicate mesh, place on the proper location and replace by proper mesh.
  • Size of objects 5 10 …same as the grid
  • Ctrl G to make a group
  • Ctrl Shift G is temporary ungroup to take out one part. Finish with Ctrl Shift G again.


  • CTRL + [0-9]. Save  current location and zoom level in the Blueprint Editor.
  • SHIFT + [0-9]  Return to that graph at that location and zoom level
  • m and left mouse   :  multiple node
  • v and left mouse    : vectorparameter
  • 1 and left mouse    : constant
  • T and left mouse : Texture
  • L and left mouse : Lerp
  • M and left mouse : Multiply
  • S and left mouse : scaleparameter
  • U and left mouse: TexCoord
  • Connection: Double click on line for reroute node
  • Connection: alt and left mouse to disconnect
  • Connection: Ctrl and left mouse to change connection
  • When pulling variable in with Alt = set node with Ctrl get node
  • Drag Node over existing Node to replace the Node
  • F7 compile
  • F2 rename


  • Ctrl 1 bookmarks camera position, with 1 you will go to this position
  • Left Mouse Button to raise the Landscape height and Shift + Left Mouse Button will lower the height of the Landscape
  • With landscape : change lod in details to increase performance.
  • Afterwards you can add landscape


  • show fps
  • quit



  • Left mouse click +
  • A Add
  • B BumpOffset
  • C Comment
  • D Divide
  • E Power
  • F MaterialFunctionCall
  • I If
  • L LinearInterpolate
  • M Multiply
  • N Normalize
  • O OneMinus
  • P Panner
  • R ReflectionVector
  • S ScalarParameter
  • T TextureSample
  • U TexCoord
  • V VectorParameter
  • 1 Constant
  • 2 Constant2Vector
  • 3 Constant3Vector
  • 4 Constant4Vector
  • Shift + C ComponentMask
  • Tips from the video
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