Assets / Dynamic water systems

I am aware that actually these are assets just as with the building the island. Difference is that on this page it is about the”fluid dynamic” environment. These assets will have logic/blueprints and their behaviour (for example waterlevel) wil change when the student makes changes to the environment.
While the building the island is more concerned with theĀ “static” environment.

Design Blueprints dynamic water system on the island

Tutorial Blueprints




Formulas used for calculation waterlevels

Getting and creating assets

List of dynamic water systems:

  • Waves at sea
  • Tide at sea
  • Currents at sea
    Erosion of beach
  • Culvert at dike
    To discharge water from island to sea
  • Pumping station with pipes
    To discharge water from island to sea
  • Rainfall
    Is main source for supply of freshwater on the island
  • Seepage
    From island to sea.
    From sea to groundwater.
  • Groundwater
  • Drainage pipes
  • Ditches
    Discharge water to Pumping-station of culvert at dike
  • Weirs
    To control waterlevel ditch
  • Culvert in ditch
    When ditch has to cross road
  • Lakes / surface water
    For storage of surplus of rainfall
  • Sewer pipe
  • Infiltration
    Infiltration sewer, Wadi, infiltration box, infiltration box
  • Storage settling basin (BBB)
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