Instructional Design

Some of the texts will be Dutch, this can be a bit confusing. I am sorry.

The educational design is based on the 4C/ID model (Dutch)

Books used are:Merriënboer, J. J. G. van, & Kirschner, P. A. (2013). Ten steps to complex learning: a systematic approach to four-component instructional design. London: Routledge. Retrieved from
Ten steps to Complex Learning

Innovatief onderwijs ontwerpen (Dutch)

Terms Ten Steps (Dutch)

Step 1: Design Learning Tasks

Step 2: Develop Assessment Instruments

Step 3: Sequence Learning Tasks

Step 4: Design Supportive Information

Step 5 : Analyze Cognitive  Strategies

Step 6: Analyze Mental Models

Step 7: Design Procedural Information

Step 8: Analyze Cognitive Rules

Step 9: Analyze Prerequisite Knowledge

Step 10 : Design Part-Task Practice


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