Dedicated Server for dummies

First : Almost all multiplayer tutorials are based on the listen server. A dedicated server has no graphical interface. With a dedicated server you have to get in contact with the server through a client. You can’t get on the server like with a listen server. This means that a lot things explained in tutorials for listen server is useless for a Dedicated Server setup. So every example will be tested on a dedicated server.

Second: The problem with video tutorials is that you are just copying the actions showed in the video. It does not mean that you really understand them. So no fancy video’s by me. The funny thing is that at the end of part 3 something went wrong, I lost half of the code. When started to code for the second time some understanding of the concepts came to me 🙂

Starting with the most simple setup for a dedicated server, I am going to take very small steps. The goal is to learn and understand how dedicated server works.
I have a windows server available.

This is not for beginners, you need to know some C++ en Blueprints.
The dummies part has only to do with the dedicated server part!

In the end it is going to be a complex model. Name of my project is FluidDynamics

Disclaimer : I am (was :-)) a beginner on dedicated server, trying to understand how it is working. So this is some kind of journey / experience of me to get better understanding of working with a dedicated server. I am pretty sure that there are some mistakes in my journey. When I discover them, I will correct them.

Main resources:

  1. Official documentation
  2. ‘Unreal Engine 4’ Network Compendium
    Has nothing to do with dedicated server, but I learned lot of this serie

Part 1 Building the basic model

Part 2 Actor Replication

Part 3 Replicating functions

Part 4 Gameinstance

Part 5 : Replicate Variables

Part 6 : Playercontroller

Part 7 : Gamemode

Part 7a : Gamemode with chatbox

Part 8 : Gamestate and Playerstate

Lessons Learned

I finished my Dedicated Server for dummies. Next step will be my “real” project

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