Learning Fluid Dynamics in a online multiplayer immersive 3D/VR learning environment

Update 03-04-2024

Version 1.56 is out.
Check itch.io

Update 3-11-2021

Looking for a gamedesigner (closes 17 nov 2021)

Update 22-10-2021

Prototype version 1.04 is out. Visit the world

Update 08-05-2021

Working Avatars! Visit the Sneak preview, hit this link to download, install and visit the prototype

Update 21 – 02 – 2021

Sneak preview prototype, hit this link to visit the world

At the channel
At the sluice

Update 1 September 2020.

Update 7 june 2020.
Version 0.01. Simple prototype dedicated server and clients running om a server at Avans University. Looks a bit weird, but this is a milestone for me.


Update June 2020
Starting for the third time. read my thoughts.

Update 2019 First video on the project

Update June 2018
Followed several online courses on using blueprints in Unreal Engine.
See https://unreal.fluiddynamics.eu/main-water-system-in-unreal/

First video will follow soon?

Update October 2017. After a long time following courses on how to build in Unreal Engine, I finally have started with building blueprints. Busy building a watersystem

Update may 2017. I have reactivated the project. Was too busy with ordinary work :-). I am following a course on Udemy (Unreal Engine 4: How to Develop Your First Two Games) to get my skills on a higher level.

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