Online Multiplayer

Replication in Unreal

The solution I am currently working with is SpatialOS. The only problem at this moment is that, my project is in UE4.22. SpatialOS works with 4.20. In June they will update to 4.22.

Notes on SpatialOS

  • Windows + R type control = activate systems (configuratiescherm)
  • I had to change system variable named UNREAL_HOME
  • ALT + TAB Switch between 2 windows
  • Each Time : schema, snapshot and start
  • Base on Unreal 4.20.3
  • It is also compiling for Linux

Building a dedicated server in Unreal. It works, but I need a online server to put the program on. Dedicated online servers are expensive.

Building Dedicated Server

Gamelift is a service by amazon. You pay per hour

Tutorial Gamelift

Based on the next tutorial I made contact with steam. But this is only about communication. It is not a dedicated server. So Steam is not going to work for me.

Tutorial Steam

Steam support in Unreal Engine

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