Online Multiplayer

My notes on Multiplayer

Coding in C++

Udemy Unreal Multiplayer Master

Building on Amazon gamelift

Building on linux server

Multiplayer in Blueprints

Using Docker

Notes on SpatialOS

  • Windows + R type control = activate systems (configuratiescherm)
  • I had to change system variable named UNREAL_HOME
  • ALT + TAB Switch between 2 windows
  • Each Time : schema, snapshot and start
  • Base on Unreal 4.20.3
  • It is also compiling for Linux


Links to important SpatialOS documentation

Replication in Unreal

Building Dedicated Server

Building a dedicated server in Unreal. It works, but I need a online server to put the program on. Dedicated online servers are expensive.

Gamelift is a service by amazon. You pay per hour

Tutorial Gamelift

Based on the next tutorial I made contact with steam. But this is only about communication. It is not a dedicated server. So Steam is not going to work for me.

Tutorial Steam

Steam support in Unreal Engine

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