Sneak Preview prototype

There is a “first” version of a prototype of the world running.
The world lives on a server of Avans University of applied sciences. At this moment the main focus is on building a world in Unreal Engine running on a dedicated server.

If you have comments, questions, bugs … let me know at:
h.massink at

current version is 0.7

You should be able to visit this world. You need to take the following steps:

step 1
Download and unzip the FD_Versie ….zip file from
This is my private GDRIVE so be patient.

step 2
Click on FluidDynamics.exe

step 3
Windows will probably complain. You need to thrust the file (me?).
If somebody know how to solve this, let me know 😊

step 3b optional.
Could be that Unreal has to install some software / drivers

step 4
The program has made contact with the server. There a limit number of usernames.
Hit the N button to find out which names are available. Password is not necessary.

Available names

Some remarks
– The messages you put in the chatbox (Y) are recorded.
– Hit the F and tell me the FPS in the chatbox
– Uninstall: Just delete the zip file and the unpacked maps.

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