Update June 2020

One could think that I haven’t been active lately. But that is not the case!. I have been very active, and had a lot of “challenges”

Actualy I am starting the project for the third time 🙁

First Time
I started to build in Unreal Engine using only Blueprints. I ran into problems with the hydraulic calculations. I also read that the best approach is to start with a basis in C++

Second Time
I started to learn C++. I followed several courses at Udemy, Linda.com, and Unreal.
My prototype multiplayer is based on the listen server in Unreal. My idea was that it would be no problem to convert to a dedicated server. This was a mistake. Turns out that a dedicated server is completely different compared to a listen server. There is also little documentation on getting a dedicated server running on a VPS.

Third Time
My new approach is to start with getting the standard third-person game running on a VPS. Based on a dedicated server and clients. And I started to use perforce as source control. And I skipped the idea of using a Linux VPS, it is all to complicated.
I managed to get the “simple” project running as a server and client on a windows server.
So my strategy now is to add on the simple project, and test everytime that it is working as a server and client. Bt using perforce I will be able to always return to a working solution

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