FD Software-Plugins-Settings


Software :

  • Visual Studio Community 2019 16.8.4
  • Visual Assist (optional)
  • Specifier Tool (optional)
  • Unreal Engine 4.26.0 build from source, branch release
    Note : When compiling, errors will occur which are related to the experimental chaos system. Still you can run the engine and compile projects

Plugins Built-In Engine

  • Landmass
  • Water
  • Editor Scripting Utilities
  • DataSmith

Plugins from marketplace

  • Linter , at the moment the version for 4.25. Works ok with 4.26

Settings :

  • Editor Preferences > Asset Editor Open Location = Content Browser
  • Editor Preferences > Source Code Editor = Visual Studio 2019
  • Editor Preferences > Editor Performance > Show Frame Rate and Memory
  • Project Settings>Performance > Enable Performance Log
  • Project Settings>Framerate>Smooth Frame Rate>checked
  • View Option (Downside screen)
    -Show Engine Content
    -Show Plugin Content

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