FD Information Flow


The different flows of information in the project

  • PlayerInfo
    Stored and retrieved from server.
    Also contains the personal avatar settings.
  • Achievements player or group of players
    Assignments made by students and group of students.
    Stored and retrieved from server.
  • Chat Text
    From Client to PlayerController to a clients.
  • Input Calculator
    Input Calculator should be visible for the other avatars looking at the calculator
  • Data FD_Watersurface, FD_Sewer, FD_Sea, FD_Rain
    Calculations for these systems are made on each client.
    Changes in the systems are communicated to all clients (Gamestate? )
    Each time a new player / client connects to the world, the current settings of the watersystems should be transferred to the new client.
  • Voice chat?

Chat text:

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