FD Information Flow


The different flows of information in the project.

Information will be stored on the server, by using Json.

  • Login and User strategy.
    PlayerInfo will be in a Jsonfile on the server. The prototype will not have an add usersystem in Unreal. This will all be done in the JsonFile.
    Username will be unique identifier of each user.
  • PlayerInfo
    Stored and retrieved from server (GameInstance). Json Files
    When a player connects with the server, PlayerInfo is copied to the PlayerState.
    For example : Username (unique), Password (not copied to PlayerState), Full Name, University / company, email, class / group, avatar settings, previous avatar settings?, Timestamp?, last visit, time online.

  • Achievements player or group of players
    Stored and retrieved from server (GameInstance). Is copied to PlayerState and with groups to the GameState.
    Assignments made by students and group of students.
  • Storytelling / gamification
    This is probably going to be most important part in the future. In the prototype this is going to be most important part in the future. In the prototype this is going to be very simpel. Scavenger hunt
    Still a lot of research needs to be done
  • Chat Text
    From Client to PlayerController to all clients.
  • Voice chat
    Is out of the box available in UE?
  • Online Calculator
    Input Calculator should be visible for the other avatars looking at the calculator
    Information goes through GameState
  • Data FD_Watersurface, FD_Sewer, FD_Sea, FD_Rain
    These have to do with the watersystem on the island, most of these Blueprints / C++ .
    Most of them make complex calculations (velocity, waterlevels, discharge, waves, energyline, pressureline, …)
    Basic idea is that all calculations are made on the server.

    Note : The hole watersystem on the island is connected, often some change can have effect on the hole system . But sometime this is not the case, so maybe a set of rules can be made (GameMode) to determine of a change leads to a recalculation of the complete system of only a part.
  • Movement of the players / avatars
    Is multiplayer out of the box.
  • Shape of the avatars
    Configuration of each avatar will be stored on the server.

Chat text:

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