Water material


Surface water

I looked into different tutorials. In this page step for step my water material.



Tiling will be adjusted so that the “basic” block is 1 * 1 m. Each Branch in the FD_watersystem will have its own instance of the watermaterial. In BP I can set the parameters for each branch.

  • S Scalervector
  • Append x and y

Future optimisations

  • Small wave/ ripples by wind. So direction is based on wind.
  • Swimmable water?
  • Particles
  • vertex painting
In my case it is mirrored
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Tutorials Materials / Shaders

New UE5

I am following 2 courses on Udemy




  • Palete on the right side showing all nodes and the shortcuts!
  • Clean Graph tab
  • Hide unrelated tab. switch on. Also lock
  • Spacebar for Previewing : Edit->Editor->Keyboard shortcuts->Start previewing node->Spacebar
  • Align nodes with shift + WASD
  • Ctrl + D is dublicate

World alignment Texture.

Old? UE4

New feature virtual texturing in UE4.23


Notes with the Unreal tutorial om materials

  • Parameter collections
  • Merged Maps
  • Material Functions


Screenshot from Vertex painted Flowmaps

Material World Position


Notes with the video

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