List of the different water-systems on the island.  Wil be used for the instructural design, design island and assets

First attempt to build a water system in Unreal

  1. Waves at sea
  2. Tide at sea
  3. Currents at sea
    Erosion of beach
  4. Culvert at dike
    To discharge water from island to sea
  5. Pumping station with pipes
    To discharge water from island to sea
  6. Rainfall
    Is main source for supply of freshwater on the island
  7. Seepage
    From island to sea.
    From sea to groundwater.
  8. Groundwater
  9. Drainage pipes
  10. Ditches
    Discharge water to Pumping-station of culvert at dike
  11. Weirs
    To control waterlevel ditch
  12. Culvert in ditch
    When ditch has to cross road
  13. Lakes / surface water
    For storage of surplus of rainfall
  14. Sewer pipe
  15. Infiltration
    Infiltration sewer, Wadi, infiltration box, infiltration box
  16. Storage settling basin (BBB)
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Replayable with Different Results

Replayable with Different Results (Consequentially Experienced)
46.   Can the game be replayed with different variables and outcomes?
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Synthesis of Knowledge

Synthesis of Knowledge (Instructionally grounded)
45.   Does integration of different educational theories take place?
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Interaction with Game Environment

Interaction with Game Environment (Contextually Situated)
44.   Does interaction with objects take place?
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Manipulating Variables

Manipulating Variables (Discovery Driven)
43.   Do participants have the opportunity to manipulate different variables, which make different outcomes possible?
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Immediate Immersion

Immediate Immersion (Gamification)
42.   Are participants immersed directly into the story? No boring theory
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Challenges the Learner

Challenges the Learner (Discovery Driven) Challenge / Skill Balance (Pavlas)
41.   Are there enough challenges for the participant? How is scaffolding included?
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Complex Story-line

Complex Story-line (Consequentially Experienced)
40.   Is the story-line sufficiently challenging, interesting and complex?
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Meaningful Dialogue

38.   Do meaningful dialogues take place between avatars (participant, teacher)?
39.   Do meaningful dialogues take place between avatars and objects?
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Archetype Social Networking

Archetype Social Networking (Collaboratively Motivated)
37.   Do participants get enough time and space to communicate with each other?
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