Breakdown : FD_PlayerInfo

PlayerName and PlayerImage are imported from Steam in FD_MainMenuPC

Video use for analysing problems

Event Debug FDPlayerInfo prints information to screen

Location of the debugfunktions used

FD_LobbyGM EveryoneUpdate

FD_Lobby Event BeginPlay

As Host:

0:15 Default setting as Barbarous.

When the others make first contact. FD_LobbyPC Event BeginPlay is called several times on the server. Time 0:39
This because a PlayerController lives on the server and the client?

1:17 Host changes character to Natural . EveryoneUpdates runs with only info of the host. Server FD_LobbyGM knows that other are connected, but they have not selected a character yet. Natural is greyed out at al clients!

After each client selects a character it is grayed out, EveryoneUpdate loop runs on FD_LobbyGM on server, PlayerImage of clients is missing

1:42 Host select Barbarous. Players are displayed. PlayerImage is missing for clients.

2:41 When ready or not ready is clicked the loop runs again on the server

Second run

Clients started to select a character, while the character selection is not open on the server / host. One client appears without CharacterImage and name. Start Session is grayed out!! 6:15 After the client without characterimage and name quits, start session works again.

After rejoing, the start session is still grayed out. 8:42 . 8 players where allowed to join. If one of the clients changes character, it is ok again

As Client

21:39 althoug the client knows it PlayerImage, it does no show up.

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