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How to get proper lighting.  If I look at other projects, several assets appear:

  • Directional Light.  Documentation 
    The Directional Light simulates light that is being emitted from a source that is infinitely far away. This means that all shadows cast by this light will be parallel, making this the ideal choice for simulating sunlight.
  • Sky Light Documentation
    The Sky Light captures the distant parts of your level (everything further than SkyDistanceThreshold) and applies that to the scene as a light. That means the sky’s appearance and its lighting / reflections will match, even if your sky is coming from atmosphere, or layered clouds on top of a skybox, or distant mountains.
  • Atmospheric Fog. Documentation
    gives an approximation of light scattering through a planetary atmosphere. This can give your outdoor levels a much more realistic look.
  • Lightmass Importance Volume. Documentation
    Many maps have meshes out to the edge of the grid in the editor, but the actual playable area that needs high quality lighting is much smaller. Lightmass emits photons based on the size of the level, so those background meshes will greatly increase the number of photons that need to be emitted, and lighting build times will increase. The Lightmass Importance Volume controls the area that Lightmass emits photons in, allowing you to concentrate it only on the area that needs detailed indirect lighting. Areas outside the importance volume get only one bounce of indirect lighting at a lower quality.
  • From Unreal 4.21 a Geographically Accurate Sun Positioning is included in Unreal.  Link
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