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Q:What is the best method to update the playerlist. At the moment I use the Gamemode onpostlogin and on logout? This method could be inaccurate. Instead use OnTick to check number of players every tick. Only update widget when number has changed. On the other hand the number of players is only needed to check if a new client could get access.

Q: How can we use the Server Stat Replicator Class (Gamemode) to monitor the server?

Q: How to actually use the prelogin in C++ gamemode. For me this looks like high skilled programming. For example, how do you now the name and password of the client connecting and going through the prelogin? I get the idea that the students starts the program, enters his username and than makes contact with the server. So there is some kind of a lobbylevel. In the current project there is no lobbylevel.

Q:Is it possible to append a record to JSON file on disk, instead of reading the file, adding the record and writing the file again?

Q: If a new player comes into the world, he needs to get all the info of his world. For example , the definition of how all the other avatars look? What is the best way to get acces to this info. Through GameState?

Q: Is it correct that you can’t get access to to playerstate on the gamemode and gameinstance?

Q:Difference in use between Event Running on Server and Has Authority?

Q: Commandlines or bat file for automatically package server and client

Q: Explanation usage FString, static FString and const static FString

Q:Which software can be used for adjusting the Json PlayerInfo file outside of Unreal?

Q: How can the Server be monitored within Unreal

Q:What do the other methods of packaging (shipping, debugging) actually differ from development?

Q: What launcher software can we use? without annoying the virusscanner?

Q: How to run calculations on a different thread in C++

Q: Is het possible to adjust the watersystem in ue4.26.1 in runtime
A: Looks like this is not the case. For the watersystem on the island, I will try to use my system with the materials of the unreal watersystem.

Q:Should we store the PlayerInfo on the Server or on the clients
A:All Info will be stored on the Server

Q: Should we use Cars and Drones to travel in the world, or just teleporting?
A: Although Cars and Drones are more like the real world, Teleporting takes less time and is thereby preferable.

Q: How to change gamemode during runtime?
A: Project settings, GameModeClassAliases

Q:Is it possible to have a map in the World Outliner always collaps?
A:Shift and klik arrow at WorldMap and klik only on arrow again

Q: How to make sure a variable is not saved to disk.
A: Use setting Transient


Q: How to emulate bad internet in de editor.
A: Play > Advanced settings

simulate bad internet

Q:Video 42:39. Get access to gamemode in widget through game state. From client.
In this way you can get access to settings (variables) from the gamemode.

get access to gamemode
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