FD PlayerController


Names in project : FDPlayerController (C++), BP_FDPlayerController (BP)

Tasks :

  • Being the intermediair between server and client
    For example make connection between menu and gamemode (for chat)
  • Contains al Key events


  • UpdateChatWindow (Client)
  • GetChatMessage (Server)
  • InputActionChat
  • GetConnectedPlayersFromGM (Server)
  • ShowConnectedPlayers (Client)
  • PCSetPlayerNameInPS (Server)
  • FillConnectedPlayersInfoArrayGM (Server)
  • SetPlayerNameServer (Server)

Key Events

  • T (Chat window)
  • M (Mouse Cursor)
  • P (Print Connected Players through GameMode)
  • O (Print Connected Players through GameState)
  • F (FPS)
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