FD PlayerController


Names in project : FDPlayerController (C++), BP_FDPlayerController (BP)



  • Make list of bookmarks based on BP_Bookmark ‘s in level
  • Show list in screenmenu
  • Teleport to selected bookmark


  • Make list of avatar names in level
  • Show list in screenmenu
  • Get location selected avatar
  • Teleport to selected avatar

Tasks :

  • Intermediair between ScreenMenu and GameInstance
    – Sent LoginNameToGameInstance
    – SentPlayerInfoToSaveToGameInstance
    – MessageServerWhenLeaving
  • Intermediair between gamemode and Playerstate
  • Intermediair Gamemode and ScreenMenu
  • Chat
  • Playercontroller – GameInstance
  • Contains al Key events
    -Y (chatwindow)
    -M (mousecursor)
    -N (loginnames)
    -R (Read FDPlayerInfoArray)
    -F (FPS)
    -L (show avatar names)
    -Tab (1 or 3 person)
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