Blender to Unreal


  • Right mouse click is selecting
  • Scene, units, centimeters
  • Clip, end, 500 m
  • edit mode, 7 (topview), A (select All), U, Smart UV project, ok
  • Make UV for ligthing,  Data (upper left), UVMap.Light, select this map, topview, Lightmap Pack
  • Export FBX settings, according to video
  • Forward in Blender is negative y, in UE pos x. So
  • Left click confirm, Right click cancel
  • Never change the scale
  • Don’t rotate


NSide menu transformation
Ctrl AApply Menu
Ctrl BBevel. Edit mode, edge selected, mouse wheel for extra edges
CTR R Loop cut
 TabEdit mode / Object mode
 ASelect all
 Alt CConvert curve to mesh or mesh to curve (object mode)

N sidemenu

  • Ctrl A

How to draw pipes.
Alt C

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