Coding in C++

Steps to combine BP en C++.

Currently I use Visual Studio 2019, with Visual Assist and the Specifier Tool

Notes: Migrating Blueprints with C++

  • public, private, protected
  • :: Scope resolution operator Call a function from “class” :: “name function”
  • -> Access through pointer get acces to a “parameter” connected with “class..”
  • Class * Parameter Create pointer to Class
  • Virtual and Pure function
  • Use const FString&
  • Use TEXT macro
  • End loop with continue and break
  • You can delete maps Build, Saved, Binaries, .vs and Intermediate
  • Work with tags attached to objects! gameplay
  • Use IsValid in BP
  • When node is disconnected intentionally, comment DOP
Call in Editor en Show 3DWidget
Pure function in C++
Functions in Library
Events in C++ BlueprintImplementableEvent

Visual Studio 2017

  • Change size font : Ctrl + mouse wheel
  • Specifier Tool 2017 Alt + W
  • Select Word : Ctrl + W
  • Add Words to Selection : Ctrl + Shift + arrow
  • Collapses a code section : Ctrl + M
  • Jump to definition : Ctrl + Left mouse


  • Find info at github
    const float distance = input pin function
    FVector &start = output pin function
    const UObject* WorldContextObject = Whoever calls us wil be filled in

Using Interfaces (chapter 7)

  • Include Interface, but also at public Interface to class in .h file.
    Is not necessary in .cpp file

Udemy course : Unreal Engine C++ Developer: Learn C++ and Make Video Games

As a tool in Visual Studio, I use Resharper C++

Debugging in C++

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