V0.04 24-9-2020
City Park added as demo level
Prototype island added
Still problem with traveling from one level to another

V0.03 23-8-2020

  • Using UE 4.25.3
  • First attempt building procedural mesh for ocean, first try ocean added
  • Added several commands for profiling / debugging
  • Added URL’s for versions
  • Added several poles, including a menu to jump to these poles. Makes visiting the different parts of the island much easier.
  • Deleted some of the demo maps

v0.02 20 june 2020
First buildings added. Also several demo maps of stuf (buildings, water,..)I want to use in my world.
Added several profiling commands to see performance.

v0.01 7 june 2020
Just a blank island. To prove that the multiplayer is working in de Avans Dedicated Server

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